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OpenAeroStruct is a lightweight tool that performs aerostructural optimization using OpenMDAO. It couples a vortex-lattice method (VLM) and a 6 degrees of freedom (per node) 3-dimensional spatial beam model to simulate aerodynamic and structural analyses using lifting surfaces. These simulations are wrapped with an optimizer using NASA’s OpenMDAO framework. The analysis and optimization results can be visualized using included tools, producing figures such as this:

sample visualization of aerostructural system

Aerostructural optimization of the Common Research Model (CRM) wing.

sample XDSM of aerostructural system

The eXtended Design Structure Matrix (XDSM) of the aerostructural system.

Walkthroughs and Examples

These first few doc pages go into detail about how to set up and run a problem in OpenAeroStruct. Please review these at a minimum to understand how aerodynamic, structural, and aerostructural problems are constructed.

Advanced Features

Once you have reviewed and understand basic walkthroughs, you can move on to some more advanced features below.

User Reference

Other reference guide can be found below.

How to Contribute

Source Docs


This current version of this repository has grown past the previous Matlab implementation. If you are looking for a Matlab-capable version, please see for the latest version.