To use OpenAeroStruct, you must first install Python 3.

The easiest way to get started is to install OpenAeroStruct from PyPI :

pip install openaerostruct

If you’d like easier access to the examples and source code, you can also install OpenAeroStruct by cloning the OpenAeroStruct repository:

git clone

Then from within the OpenAeroStruct folder, pip install the package:

cd openaerostruct
pip install -e .

Both methods will automatically install the dependencies: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and OpenMDAO.

The latest version of OpenAeroStruct supports OpenMDAO version 3.2.0 to 3.16.0; 3.16.0 is recommended. If you wish to install a specific version of OpenMDAO, follow the instructions at

If you are unfamiliar with OpenMDAO and wish to modify the internals of OpenAeroStruct, you should examine the OpenMDAO documentation at The tutorials provided with OpenMDAO are helpful to understand the basics of using OpenMDAO to solve an optimization problem.

Advanced Options

To run the tests on your machine, use the [test] option. This will install the testflo package.

pip install -e .[test]

To install the dependencies to build the documentation locally, run:

pip install -e .[docs]

The documentation build requires OpenMDAO 3.9.2 or older.